Tom Selleck Accused Of ‘Stealing Water’ By California Water District

The alleged water theft took place in 2013.

Tom Selleck is a California native in hot water. The Blue Bloods star stands accused of stealing water from the state. Here’s what’s going on.

In The Midst Of A Drought

In 2013, Selleck was a few seasons deep into Blue Bloods when he ran afoul of the California Water District. The sunshine state was in the midst of a drought as it is today when he was hit with numerous cease and desists to stop pulling water from a local fire hydrant to water his 60-acre ranch and avocado farm. 

The water district really wanted to nail Selleck to the wall on this, so it hired a private investigator to catch Selleck in the act. That’s right: California spent $22,000 on a P.I for Magnum P.I. Anyway, the state wants those fees paid for by Selleck himself.

He Once Had Permission

Selleck actually has a lot going for him in this case. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, no crime was committed. In fact, Selleck briefly had permission in 2009 to tap a different fire hydrant to water his farm. The state put the kibosh on that because it wouldn’t allow potable water to be transferred between districts.

As it stands, a truck was spotted numerous times nabbing thousands of gallons of water over numerous trips and delivering the water to Selleck’s ranch. He’s on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, Californians are being asked to use less and less water to help fight the drought. Selleck has not commented on any of this.

What Is Tom Selleck Up To Otherwise?

Selleck is doing the same thing he’s doing for years: starring as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. The cop drama was just renewed for a 13th season and Selleck is confirmed to be returning as its star and executive producer.

In a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Selleck appeared with a beard and defended his old Magnum PI short shorts. “shorts are short. And those pajama bottoms that they wore for about the last decade are silly…and you can trip on them!” He admits he wouldn’t wear shorts today because “it’s not pretty anymore.”

In addition to Blue Bloods, Selleck is also working on a new Jesse Stone film for the Hallmark Channel. It’s been in production since 2016, but it hasn’t been canned yet. Instead, Selleck’s working on providing a new angle for the character. Perhaps art will imitate life and Stone will have to grapple with fines from the water department.

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