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Only Fools and Horses star Patrick Murray’s agony as he ‘puts off’ using a wheelchair

Only Fools and Horses star Patrick Murray cancer returned as the actor admitted that despite the unbearable pain he has "puts off" using a wheelchair.

Patrick Murray, 66, who starred in Only Fools and Horses recently discovered his cancer has returned in his lungs – 18 months after he had a tumour removed from the same area.

He was given the news shortly after he was told he was cancer free, following an operation that involved cutting away two-thirds of his liver – in a bid to remove the cancerous tumour.

This time around his lung cancer has spread to his bones and has left him in excruciating pain but he has not yet purchased a wheelchair.

Although Patrick knows he will have to deal with cancer for the rest of his life, he is ready to embrace it after being told he has years left.

Thanks to chemotherapy advances it has meant that he has more time than he hoped.

Patrick Murray with costar at the musical opening

Patrick Murray with costar at the musical opening (Image: Getty)

Despite his positive outlook he described living with the disease as “absolute agony, murder” as he struggles with to walk.

He explained to The Sun: “It has been absolute agony, murder.

“Every time I put my weight on my legs and hips I’m screaming in my head as I’m trying to walk.

“The loo for me is ten yards away, and when I get there I feel like I’ve walked half way round the world.”

Patrick Murray seen during the Only Fools and Horses Press...

Patrick Murray seen during the Only Fools and Horses Press (Image: Getty)

Patrick said he needs to use a wheelchair to go shopping, as the pain has become so unbearable but he has so far resisted buying one.

He says: “I’ve been putting off getting a wheelchair because I thought I wasn’t ready for it yet.

“It’s just not a nice thing to leave behind.”

Father of one, Patrick played Rodney Trotter’s dim-witted pal, and dodgy business partner Mickey, in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Patrick went on to be one sitcom’s most recognisable characters – thanks to his trademark trilby hat.

He joked: “I might go bald but luckily I’m famous for wearing a hat.”

Patrick lives a quiet life with his wife Anong, who he met whilst living in Thailand and the couple share eight-year-old daughter, Josie.

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