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Marilyn Monroe Netflix Documentary Makes Shocking ‘Revelations’ About Her Final Moments

Classic movie icon Marilyn Monroe was found dead from a drug overdose in 1962. However, the circumstances of Monroe’s death have long been a source of speculation. However, any of the events of the night the actress died have been kept tightly under wraps. Now, one documentary airing on the popular streaming service, Netflix explores the circumstances surrounding the starlet’s death. Making shocking revelations about her final moments.

Netflix Documentary Reveals Long-Hidden Circumstances Surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s Tragic Death

Marilyn Monroe was discovered lying face down in her bed on the night of her death. The actress was clutching a telephone in her hand, reports note. However, few details about the discovery of the starlet’s body that night.

But the documentary The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes which is now streaming, brings to light some tales about the tragic night. Information that the public has not yet heard. Among these tales is what happened, exactly, that evening.

This documentary explores the starlet’s final hours, as the film’s director Emma Cooper reveals some never-before-heard recordings. The documentary details these moments by exploring hundreds of interviews by Anthony Summers, author of the Marilyn Monroe biography Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe.

“I didn’t know very much about Marilyn Monroe,” the documentary’s director Emma Cooper tells Fox News.

“In some ways that was useful because I came to the subject with a very open mind and heart,” Cooper explains.

“I wasn’t bound down with that many conspiracy theories or anything like that,” the director adds.

Marilyn Monroe Documentary Director Found Revelations To Be “Compelling”

According to Cooper, she met Anthony Summers while working on another project. It was during this project that Summers told Cooper he wanted her to give his biography a read. And, Cooper notes, the story left her with a lot of questions.

“I realized there were revelations here that I found really compelling,” Cooper explains. “I had many questions and I wanted to know more.”

Among these major revelations is that the actress wasn’t dead when the first calls for help came in. According to the recordings – and the biography – Monroe was comatose but alive. At least that’s what ambulance company owner Walther Schaefer says in his interview.

“Anybody who’s lived in Los Angeles for years will know about Schaefer ambulance,” Summers tells Fox News

“Walter Schaefer said they did pick her up in a comatose state that night and took her somewhere,” the author explains.

“I’m not clear that in fact, they took her to Santa Monica Hospital,” he continues, noting that this information is something few people even knew.

“It may have been another hospital,” Summers says, noting that this is information few have ever heard.

‘We Took Her and Brought Her Home Again’

The documentary notes that several members of Walter Shaefer’s ambulance company confirm the claims. And, Summers adds, there was even more to this story.

“My speculation, but a very informed speculation, is that she was taken to the hospital in the hope that she could be saved,” Summers says in the interview. “But she died in transit.”

Then, the author notes, this is where the cover-up begins, “Walter Schaefer, the boss of the ambulance company, said very clearly to me, ‘We took her and we brought her home again,’” Summers says.

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