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That ‘90s Show Already Set Up A Perfect Holiday Special

While the main timeline of That '90s Show is only set during the summers, one line sets up the potential for a holiday special episode.

While That ‘90s Show’s seasons will only be set in the summer, the series has already set up a brilliant holiday special. That ‘90s Show will tackle a different format from That ‘70s Show, which may help to keep the sequel’s timeline a bit cleaner. The cast and crew have teased that each subsequent season of That ‘90s Show will only be set from the Fourth of July until Labor Day, as Leia Forman will reunite with the Point Place teens each summer after the school year (via Collider). Since That ‘70s Show covered the events of the town year-round, That ‘90s Show’s changes indicate it won’t be able to repeat the original’s iconic holiday episodes each season.

Since 15-year-old Leia lives in Chicago during the school year, That ‘90s Show is based around when she and her parents come back to visit Point Place. However, That ‘90s Show season 1 reveals that summer vacation isn’t the only time that Leia, Eric, and Donna come back to Point Place to stay with Red and Kitty, as they also return for the holidays. Since the major family holidays are set outside That ‘90s Show’s main timeline, they won’t be featured during the actual seasons. However, as a streaming series on Netflix, That ‘90s Show has more freedom to introduce holiday specials set between main seasons.

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Leia, Donna, & Eric Can Return To Point Place For Christmas

That 90s Show Leia Forman Age Donna Eric

It’s unlikely that Leia will truly go nine months without seeing Gwen, Nate, Jay, Nikki, and Ozzie after That ‘90s Show season 1’s ending, as there are still holidays and big moments when she’ll have to come back down to visit Red and Kitty. That ‘90s Show’s pilot even explains that the last time Eric, Donna, and Leia came to Point Place was to stay for Christmas, which sets up a brilliant return for the family outside the normal timeframe. By having the Formans return for a Christmas special between seasons, That ‘90s Show could give updates on what happened to the characters after each finale while also setting up more storylines for the next season.

That ‘70s Show loved having Christmas episodes so much that it nonsensically celebrated five different Christmases within a three-and-a-half-year timeline. As such, since That ‘90s Show won’t have any Christmas episodes during its summer-set seasons, a holiday special released between seasons would solve this issue. If Donna, Eric, and Leia are back in Point Place anyway, it would be remiss of That ‘90s Show to not depict the family reuniting with Red, Kitty, and the new generation of teens in town to celebrate the holidays.

A That ‘90s Show Christmas Episode Is Perfect For Cameo Reunions

That 90s Show Trailer Eric Donna Jackie Kelso

As was the case in That ‘70s Show, holiday episodes are when it’s most natural to put all the characters in one room, while simply letting chaos and misadventures ensue. Since That ‘90s Show season 1 didn’t have an official reunion with That ‘70s Show’s returning characters, as Eric and Donna only appeared together, Michael and Jackie only appeared together, and Fez appeared separately, all the original teens could reasonably reunite in one scene for a Christmas special. Just like old times, Red and Kitty Forman would most likely host a meal for all to join.

After the reveals of the new characters’ connections to the legacy characters in That ‘90s Show season 1, including cameos from each major returning figure in a Christmas episode isn’t a stretch. Donna and Eric would already be there, Michael and Jackie could greet everyone when accompanying Jay, Fez could show up as Sherri’s date, Leia’s Grandpa Bob would return for his family’s celebrations, and even Leo could stop by to see the old gang. Unless each season of That ‘90s Show uses the Fourth of July or Leia’s birthday to reunite all the characters, a Christmas special is the perfect solution for bringing everyone together.

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