Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses fans left scratching their heads after spotting bizarre way Del Boy drinks his tea

Can you make any sense of this?

An Only Fools and Horses fan tuning in to one of their favourite old episodes of the sitcom over the festive period this year has noticed the bizarre way Del Boy appears to drink his tea, leaving them completely perplexed.

In the episode from the third season of the hit show, broadcast in 1983, rather than drinking his tea from the cup as you would expect Del Boy appears to slurp the hot drink from the saucer.

Explaining what they saw on Facebook the fan wrote: “STRANGE!!!! For some reason in the episode “yesterday never comes” Del Boy is seen pouring his cup of tea in to the saucer and the drinking it out the saucer. Bizarre?! Anyone noticed this and do you see an explanation?”

It turns out though that once upon a time this now unusual looking practice was actually commonplace among Londoners, with several fans in the replies getting into the detail.

One explained: “A really common thing to do. Especially back in the old days. The show is over 35 years old. Everyone did it to cool it down.” Others also admitted they could remember their older family members doing the same thing. another adding: “Very common back in the day, I can remember my Gramps doing it.”

And a third agreeing: “I was in the UK visiting family and we stopped by this elderly gentleman’s house for tea. He did that very thing and explained it was a quick way to cool his tea off.”

While a fourth explained: “Bygone tradition when people had bone China cups entertaining in the parlour mid 1950s to late 1960s.”

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