John Wayne

John Wayne’s epic Genghis Khan flop ‘gave almost 100 people cancer’ including Duke

John Wayne's 1956 movie The Conqueror, which was produced by Howard Hughes, is not only considered one of the worst movies of all time but 'killed' almost 50 people.

Like most movie stars, John Wayne had some huge hits, but also big turkeys over his Hollywood career. The Conqueror, in which Duke played Genghis Khan after Marlon Brando backed out, may have made a profit at the box office but is now ranked as one of the worst movies ever made. Duke is widely believed to have been terribly miscast, even at the time, with The New Times calling the 1956 epic “an Oriental Western” with a script featuring “few unintentional laughs.” Yet what’s even worse is what happened after the production that created huge controversy and a question over who was to blame.

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