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Iconic Robin Williams Movie Being Added To Disney+

We all miss Robin Williams. He died almost seven years this summer. But his hilarious, heart-warming work lives on.

And Disney+ is bringing one of Williams’ best movies to its streaming services. Are you ready to watch Mrs. Doubtfire? It’s coming to Disney+ starting Aug. 6.

The movie came out back in 1993. Robin Williams played a voice actor named Daniel Hillard who worked in San Francisco. He and his wife, played by Sally Field, divorced. But Williams wanted to spend more time with his three children. When he heard his ex-wife was looking for a housekeeper, Hillard created the character named Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, who worked as a nanny and housekeeper.

Robin Williams won a Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy for Mrs. Doubtfire. The movie also won a Golden Globe for best comedy or musical. With $441 million, the movie was the second-highest-grossing film of 1993. Only Jurassic Park had a higher worldwide box office.

Child Actors in Movie Didn’t Realize Robin Williams Was in Mrs. Doubtfire Makeup

Robin Williams was so good at playing Mrs. Doubtfire that the child actors who played his kids didn’t realize he was underneath the makeup and frumpy clothes. Randi Mayem Singer, who helped create the movie, said Williams picked up her baby and took care of him like a nanny.

“Robin, in full costume and makeup, took him in his/her arms and launched into character improvising a whole nanny routine about babies and diapers,” Singer recalled to Variety. “He kept the gentle Mrs. Doubtfire persona the whole time. It was hilarious, and it seemed as if he could have gone on forever.”

Movie Director Considering Doing Documentary with Old Movie Footage

Chris Columbus, who directed the Robin Williams movie, told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year that he’d like the idea of doing a documentary on Mrs. Doubtfire. Williams was a brilliant improv comic, spinning so many different versions of the same character. And Columbus said the star often would do several takes of the same scene in Mrs. Doubtfire. The scenes would range from G, PG to R.

“The reality is that there was a deal between Robin and myself, which was, he’ll do one or two, three scripted takes. And then he would say, ‘Then let me play.’ Columbus recalled. “And we would basically go on anywhere between 15 to 22 takes, I think 22 being the most I remember.”

“He would sometimes go into territory that wouldn’t be appropriate for a PG-13 movie,” Columbus said of Robin Williams. “But certainly appropriate and hilariously funny for an R-rated film. I only used the phrase NC-17 as a joke. There could be no NC-17 version of the movie.”

Sadly, Robin Williams died in August 2014. He suffered from severe depression and had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Disease, a neurological condition. An autopsy confirmed that Williams committed suicide.

But his work lives on.

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