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Only Fools and Horses: Trigger’s best moments, from the infamous broom to ‘you can’t park there’

These are the Trigger moments fans loved the most

Only Fools and Horses fans adore Trigger. The unassuming streetsweeper was played by the late great Roger Lloyd-Pack, whose comedic timing had the show’s audiences in stitches countless times throughout the show’s years on TV. Only Fools fans had a nostalgic moment this week, remembering their favourite Trigger moments from the show.

Posting in an Only Fools and Horses fans Facebook group, hundreds of people joined a thread remembering his all-time best moments, and reminiscing about how much they loved the actor, who died in 2014. “He had an amazing delivery.,” gushed one fan, while someone else admitted: “I only had to look at him, and I started laughing.”

Fans loved Trigger for his lack of social awareness and his deadpan delivery. “Every line he uttered was brilliant,” said someone else, as others agreed there were “too many to pick from”. Although the choice was tough, Only Fools fans were able to narrow down their all-time favourite moments of Trigger’s to share. Here they are:

The five pound note

After carefully observing Del Boy as he pulls some trickery on Mike for cheap drinks, during which Del has to ask Mike to “hold your hands out. No, the other way,” Trigger appears to have missed the point of the prank. Later in the scene Del and Mike have cleared off to leave Rodney and Trigger stood together at the bar, at which point Trigger tells his friend: “Alright Dave. I can make you turn your hands over without touching you.” An exasperated Rodney sighs before holding his hands out, at which point Trigger says: “No the other way.” Rodney obliges, prompting Trigger to say: “See?” He then hands him a fiver and wanders off.

Rodney and Trigger
Trigger makes Rodney turn his hands over without touching him (Image: BBC)

Romantic hotel trip

Trigger begins telling Del, Mike and Alan a story about a manager he once dated from the council depot: Rreal high flyer. You had to go to her when you needed a new broom.” He tells them: “Linda. Nice girl. Had a funny eye. Never knew if she was looking at me or seeing if the bus was coming. Anyway, she’d heard about this nice little hotel down near Henley on Thames, and she said to me, ‘how about spending the weekend there?'” Pushed on why the weekend ended in the breakdown of the relationship, Trigger then explains: “She got jealous. I heard later that she wanted to go with me.”

Trigger’s romantic weekend away (Image: BBC)

‘You can’t park there’

After a long and arduous effort to try to get the three wheeler into a tiny parking space, Rodney eventually manages to park it, much to everyone’s relief. After a brief moment of bliss while everyone enjoys the achievement, Trigger looks at the car and says: “Ere, you can’t park there Dave.” The simple but brilliant moment of genius comedy timing has gone down in Only Fools history as one of the show’s most iconic moments. It’s regularly repeated in TikTok videos to this day where people are mocking others for dodgy parking in London.

‘You can’t park there Dave’ (Image: BBC)

Trigger’s Broom

“When he tells the story about having the same broom for years and years,” was by far the favourite moment for Trigger fans. During the episode, Trigger appears wearing a medal, then proudly shows Del Boy and Rodney a photo of himself being awarded it by a town councillor. To their horror he then goes on to explain, in painstaking detail, how carefully he has looked after his broom for 20 years, which sparks a debate about whether the broom is the “same broom” if it has had its handle and brush changed several times.

Trigger’s broom moment (Image: BBC)


Trigger fans love his deadpan delivery of lines, and apparent inability to read a room when he’s speaking. One favourite scene in the show is a hilarious example of this, when the group is discussing famous has-beens and one hit wonders. “You know people become famous for a little while then they disappear,” says Rodney, “like Renée & Renato, or Simon Dee.” At which point Trigger offers: “Or Gandhi. I mean he made one great film and then you never saw him again.”

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