Marilyn Monroe’s Biological Father Revealed

Nearly 60 years after Marilyn Monroe passed away unexpectedly at the age of 36, the identity of the iconic actress, model, and singer’s biological father has officially been revealed.

According to Variety, the new documentary “Marilyn, Her Final Secret” will reveal who Monroe’s biological father is. The documentary is directed by Francois Pomes. The film shows exclusive DNA research from Ludovic Orlando. Who is an expert in molecular archaeology. 

Orlando notably used a hair sample from Monroe. This sample was provided by John Reznikoff, an auctioneer and authenticator. Orlando also has a saliva sample from the great-grandchild of Monroe’s suspected father, who is Charles Stanley Gifford. 

Meanwhile, along with revealing the identity of Marilyn Monroe’s father, the documentary will have archive footage and interviews that follows Monroe’s efforts to locate her father and connect with him. The documentary also follows the scientific journey that shows DNA evidence of the research. 

Pomes further explains that Monroe’s hair is from the person who embalmed her body the day she died. “And we were able to draw up 22% of her genetic profile from that. Thanks to a DNA fragment found in the keratin.”

Pomes also says that he spent years and sleepless nights creating the one-hour documentary. This is in order to reveal once and for all who Marilyn Monroe’s father is. “The thing that touched me the most was seeing the reaction of the Gifford’s family. Who were overwhelmed by this irrefutable evidence.”

“Marilyn, Her Final Secret” will be premiering in June on the French channel Toute l’Histoire. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Biological Father Reportedly ‘Rejected’ Her

According to the New York Post, Marilyn Monroe reportedly reached out to the man she thought was her biological father. However, he apparently rejected her. 

In the book, “Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon,” author Charles Casillo said that Monroe first saw a photo of her father when she was 8-years-old. “[She] was enthralled by the handsome staring from the photo with piercing eyes and a thin mustache,” Casillo wrote. Charles Stanley Gifford has a brief affair with Monroe’s mother, Gladys Baker. The photo was a picture of Gifford.

However, much like he did with her mother, Gifford rejected Marilyn Monroe. When she apparently revealed to him she was his daughter, Gifford said, “Look, I’m married. And I have a family. I don’t have anything to say to you. Call my lawyer.”

“[Marilyn Monroe] would spend a lifetime looking for this man in others,” Casillo also wrote, “Wanting to know him, loving him, passionately wanting him to love her back.”

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, under the name Norma Jean Mortenson to Gladys Baker. According to Biography, she spent the majority of her youth in foster care and in an orphanage. Over the years, she rose to the top and became a well-known actress, singer, and model. She tragically passed away at 36 from a drug overdose.

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