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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Is ‘Really Excited’ About His Role as Oscars Presenter

Among all the things “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner has done and accomplished in his lifetime, you’d think he’d be used to appearing at big award shows. Well, this year, Costner will present at the 2022 Oscars – and he’s really excited about it.

Sharing a list of presenters on his Instagram story, we peek and see that Costner tops the list. Oscar presenters are generally actors who’ve won the major award in the past – which Costner has for his work on “Dances With Wolves.” The “Yellowstone” actor wrote and directed the 1990 Western drama and it was nominated for a whopping 12 Academy Awards.

For his work directing and acting in the film, Costner created major impacts. “Dances With Wolves” took home the top honor for Best Picture, Best Director and five other Oscars. It’s safe to say that the John Dutton actor developed a love of the Western film genre and pursued it years after “Dances With Wolves” won the hearts of millions.

We hope that he has a blast at this year’s award show. The 2022 Academy Awards will air Sunday, March 27 beginning at 8 p.m. ET. A full list of nominees can be found here.

“Yellowstone’s” Kevin Costner on John Dutton’s Challenges

While Costner and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast were also up for a major award at this year’s SAG awards, they couldn’t quite seal the deal. But they had some tough competition, to be fair. And further, the cast was just happy to be recognized after four years of revitalizing the Western genre. And even more, modernizing it.

Further, John Dutton is a force to be reckoned with. You don’t have to be an “1883” fan to get it, but following the spinoff’s conclusion, you gain even more of an understanding about why John Dutton fiercely protects his land.

The “Yellowstone” actor discussed John’s challenges prior to the season four conclusion. He says that John has so many people coming after him – and that the Dutton patriarch is left with very little choices.

“It feels like there’s just so any forces coming at John. He’s been able to kind of fend them off, to degrees. But finally, it’s almost like there’s no choice,” Costner says.

He also adds:

“He’s going to have to do something that just goes against the grain of who he is as a person. The last thing he wants to be is a politician, but if he’s gonna save this [land], it’s the move he has to make.”

All episodes of Taylor Sheridan’s stunning drama series are available to stream on Peacock now. If you haven’t watched but loved “1883,” we recommend you immediately start the series tonight. You won’t be disappointed!

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