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‘Yellowstone’: How Kevin Costner’s Colorado Ranch Stacks Up Against John Dutton’s

You know that Yellowstone character John Dutton and actor Kevin Costner have a ranch to their names. How do they compare with one another?

That Yellowstone ranch is almost like a complex unto itself. But let’s take a look at both of them with some help from Taste of Country.

Costner has been quite successful in the movie world for a long time. That’s allowed him to have a sweet 160-acre ranch in Colorado. It definitely would give that Dutton Ranch a run for its money.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Kevin Costner Has Ranch To Equal John Dutton

See, the Yellowstone actor bought the land in Aspen, Colo., back in 2000. Over the years, he’s turned the Dunbar Ranch into something spectacular. The ranch is named after the actor’s character in his famed movie Dances With Wolves. 

What happens to be on the ranch? Oh boy, a lot. It has a main residence, a lake house, and a river house. Toss in a Field of Dreams-style baseball field, a sledding hill, and a private ice rink, too. All the creature comforts of a home for an Oscar winner.

It is located in the Elk Mountain Range at the base of Independence Pass. Lots of sunshine is available there along with sweet nature views and the Continental Divide. Looks like Yellowstone star Kevin Costner can rival John Dutton for a ranch.

But we’re not through in talking about the Yellowstone actor’s property right here. It has numerous water features along with three hot tubs. Toss in some on-site caretakers, too.

Want To Reserve Space For A Night? Sure. Just Toss Out $36,000

Interested in checking it out? Well, it is available for rent when Costner is not there. If you have $36,000 hanging around, then you can get one night for that price there.

But you get a lot. In fact, you can check out the entire property. Now, the Dunbar website offers other rental options. Like, you can rent one place or two of the three that are available. Hey, if you are looking to get married or have special events, then you can go there too.

Wait, though. There is more. Would you believe that you can choose from many ultra-luxurious amenities? At the Dunbar Ranch, you can get an assistant, a driver, and a butler. Toss in a ski instructor, a yoga instructor, and a chef. Looking to work on the body some? Well, get yourself a masseuse, a personal trainer, and a hair-and-nail technician.

While you make plans to visit Costner’s ranch, you also can make sure to get ready for Season 5. That would be for Yellowstone, of course.

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