Two & A Half Men: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Jenny

Some fans just quit watching Two And A Half Men after Charlie Sheen exited from the hit sitcom, so they might not know Jenny. Jenny is the estranged illegitimate daughter of Charlie Harper, born out of a one night stand. She turns up in his Malibu house one fine day without any call or warning. If that doesn’t make sense, wait til you hear the rest.

To be honest, literally nothing about Jenny makes any sense, right from the first time she appeared in the show’s eleventh season all the way to Season 12, where vanished into thin air for apparently no reason whatsoever… only to return for a few glimpses here or there. Here are 10 things about Jenny that just don’t make any sense in Two and a Half Men.

1. Where Was Jenny All This Time?

Jenny says she never saw Charlie after her fourth birthday, but she did receive monthly checks from him for her bills. She said she was in a med school so that she could write prescriptions for herself. With almost no support from her mom, she should have come sooner to Charlie.

So why did she wait so long? Jenny almost looks like a plot convenience that the writers made up to fill in Charlie’s void instead of coming up with an entirely new character and story.

2. What’s Up With That Accent?

One day, Jenny knocks on Charlie’s Malibu house, which is now Walden’s sunshine house. She shows an uncanny resemblance to her late father Charlie with her hangovers, sun scares and sleeping with lots and lots of women.

But when she first appears on camera, she had a weird New York accent that vanished soon after. What was up with that?

3. What Was Her Character Supposed To Be?

Honestly, Jenny seems like a female version of Charlie, right down to the womanizing.

She’s basically a reincarnation of Charlie with no unique characteristics of her own or anything extra to make her stand out, like how Jake did in the past. She didn’t even have any character arcs or development to speak of, so why exactly was she brought in again?

4. Who Was Jenny’s Mom?

Seeing how Jenny was brought to replace Jake as the half man, her family life could have been explored more to give her some much needed depth. But her mother is never mentioned at all, neither by Alan, Charlie (in previous episodes), or Jenny herself.

It is mentioned that her mother was one of the many one night stands that Charlie had, but her name at least should’ve been worth mentioning – especially since Charlie obviously didn’t forget about her and sent her financial aid.

5. Why Is Berta Fond Of Her?

Berta does not like Jake at all due to his carelessness and lack of hygiene. Thing is, Jenny is actually worse in terms of cleanliness or ways of life. And yet, Berta seems to be fond of her. She never let a single remark against Jenny. Why is that?

Not only Berta, but even Evelyn instantly takes a liking to Jenny, exclaiming that she is so much like Charlie!

6. Why Did She Start Living At Walden’s Place Full Time?

When Jenny let herself into Walden’s Malibu house, she just intended to visit where her father lived.

But, soon enough she moved in with Walden. Then, she moved in with Evelyn and then moved in (again) with Walden. This timeline and the motives for moving around are so confusing, it doesn’t even makes sense to try making sense out of it!

7. Was She Meant To Be The Half Man?

When actor Angus T. Jones (aka Jake) quit the show, Two and a Half Men was reduced to just two men who were desperately trying to be funny. But soon enough, the showrunners added Jenny to fill in the absencecaused by Jake’s absence.

To be called “half man” in the truest sense of the word, Jenny was molded into a gay woman who was technically “one of the boys,” but she’s still a woman. So, who exactly is the half man?

8. Is Jenny Really A Lesbian?

Unlike Judith, Jenny was introduced into Two and a Half Men as a full-fledged gay character. She openly announced herself as a lesbian and was shown dating several women at different points of Season 11.

Thing is, Jenny was also shown dating or expressing interest in Walden at least a couple times. She also talked about having indulged in threesome with another man named Larry Martin. Given her history, is Jenny really a lesbian or is she bisexual? The show claims she’s lesbian, but some of her actions proved otherwise.

9. What’s Jenny’s Game?

Let’s face it: everyone in the Harper family is a golddigger (except maybe Charlie). Jenny being one as well came as no surprise. She was supposed to be a struggling actor and yet, she was seen doing everything except struggling or attending auditions. In reality, she was just mooching off of Walden, just like Alan.

In her last scenes, she was shown receiving a final cheque from Charlie and she seemed satisfied with it, ready to move on from mooching. Jenny couldn’t care less about her father’s or anyone else’s money, apparently. So what exactly was her endgame?

10. Where Did Jenny Disappear To?

Jenny went as she came, and that is without making any significance whatsoever. She appeared unannounced and uncalled for, and slowly retracted her steps and went out the same door she entered.

In the eleventh season, she looked like she was going to be one of the leads in the core trio. She was even hyped up to be the “half” in the titular Two and a Half Men, but then she was slowly written out of existence. Where did she go and why? So much for all that build up.

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